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Gigi Barcelona frames are made of noble materials such as natural acetate from Italy and Japan. The presence of cotton provides comfort, malleability and durability.

GIGI Barcelona

In addition, acetate offers an infinite possibility of colours, constructions and shapes. They are exclusive and created by the brand.

Titanium is the top quality of metal components and it is made in Japan. A pure finesse and elasticity is noticeable and it’s respectful for the environment because it does not contain nickel. The stainless steel found in some products is from the prestigious German steel industry.

GIGI Barcelona

Gigi Barcelona’s lenses are beyond common understanding of quality. Outstanding materials make them both comfortable and safe. A 100% absorption of UV rays provides a clear vision to the user. Our CR39 polarized lenses keep the user from any distortion by avoiding the reflections created on surfaces such as snow, sea and roads.

GIGI Barcelona

The hinges and core temples are developed by the design team and produced by a leading Italian company. They join aesthetics and advanced technology, reaching the flawless precision required by Gigi Barcelona. Thanks to high quality components, the durability of the brand is guaranteed.

GIGI Barcelona